JobFit™ Workforce Intelligence System

Getting the Most from Your Region
JobFit™ measures potential - not just past history. Résumés and past experience do not accurately assist job counselors when the job seeker is a dislocated worker, a youth with limited or no work history, a veteran transitioning from a military-specific occupation, or an ex-offender. JobFit™ looks beyond résumés and technical skills by factoring in potential and transferable skills. The result? With JobFit™, job seekers are screened INTO jobs, not OUT!

Summary of Benefits to Your Staff
  • Proactive and dynamic regional "warehouse" of skills inventory and requirements that provides answers and results
  • Unlimited-use license includes unlimited career assessments
  • Individualized job counseling tools and suggestions
  • Customized branding strategies and tools
  • Integration with job boards, current workforce websites
  • 24/7 job matching
  • Documented validity and reliability studies
  • Greater outreach and recruitment of job seekers/students
  • Easily-accessed system to assist job seekers
  • Yearly tracking
Job Seekers and College Students Receive
  • Faster, more precise career counseling
  • Automated career exploration
  • Individualized career exploration workbooks
  • Increased job placement and potential upward wage opportunities
  • Simple, automated and powerful information
Economic Development
  • Business Retention
  • Attraction
  • Sector Initiatives
  • Measurable ROI
  • Site Sectors
  • Building Pipeline of Trained Workers

Reliable and Validated
JobFit™ has the highest validation and reliability statistics in the industry, is documented to have no averse impact, meets or exceeds all 13 Dept. of Labor Criteria of Best Practices for Employee Assessment and satisfies all requirements for EEOC, ADA, USDOL, and the Civil Rights Act.

Begin using your locally-branded JobFit™ site
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