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Hire, develop and retain top-performing employees and teams with Profiles International human resource management solutions.
When people match their jobs, they perform up to and beyond your expectations. Job match or JobFit™ is the primary predictor of job success. It has greater relevance than factors such as age, experience, training, and other particulars that employers use to make human resource decisions.


The following are just some of the government solutions products that can help you get the most from your most important asset -
your people.

For more information, to request a demo or sample report about any
of these products, contact Susan Priest at 877-278-7265.


ProfileXT® defines intangible job requirements to help you match employees to the work they do.

• “Fit” people to their positions
• Measure Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits and Occupational Interest
• Choose from Several Reports: Coaching, Placement, Individual,
  Succession Planning
• Assessment is Online, Self Paced
• Used for Skill Development, Competency Training, Management
  Competency Development

Checkpoint 360 Evaluation™

Checkpoint 360 Evaluation™ gives you objective, quantifiable data about individual employees that you can use to make the best possible management development and training decisions.

• Leadership and Management Development
• A Powerful Skill Development and Competency Training System
• Available Online and Self Paced

Team Analysis™

Profiles Team Analysis™ is designed to help team leaders understand and identify each team member’s strengths and weaknesses.

• Use for Team Building, Team Balance
• Measure Strengths & Weaknesses of Team Leaders and Members
• Develop a Team Action Plan

Customer Service Profile™

Customer Service Profile™ can have a significantly positive impact
on your customer service organization, your customers' perception
of your organization.

• Use for Customer Service Employee Selection and Training
• Build Customer Service Skills

Step One Survey II®

Profiles Step One Survey II® is designed to provide organizations with objective information about job applicants’ integrity, reliability and work ethic.  This scientific tool assists with your hiring decisions.

• Identify the best candidates
• Conduct more productive interviews
• Obtain more information

Profiles Performance Indicator

Profiles Performance Indicator™ measures five key personality factors important to success in business. Management can effectively determine how an employee is understood and motivated.

• Understand employee motivation
• Increase performance and productivity

Profiles Managerial Fit™

Profiles Managerial Fit™ provides insight into seven characteristics that define the relationship between an employee and their manager. Both managers and employees become more productive and engaged through the use of this tool.

• Strengthen working relationships
• Increase employee morale
• Improve communications between managers and employees

Workforce Engagement Survey™

Workforce Engagement Survey™ is your opportunity to know your workforce and design a plan for improving employee engagement. You will be able to differentiate what individuals want from work so you can shape work experiences. Organizations use the information to lead their companies into the future with confidence and enthusiasm.

• Identify your workforce
• Increase employee engagement
• Increase organization's productivity

Reliable and Validated
Profiles assessments have the highest validation and reliability statistics in the industry, is documented to have no averse impact, meets or exceeds all 13 Dept. of Labor Criteria of Best Practices for Employee Assessment and satisfies all requirements for EEOC, ADA, USDOL, and the Civil Rights Act.

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For more information, contact Susan Priest at 877-278-7265